What’s The Difference between a Blunt, a Spliff, and a Joint?

Spliffs, blunts, and joints are 3 traditional techniques of smoking cannabis. Nowadays, these methods are still widely used. A couple of smokers might be confused about the differences between them. If you’re one of these smokers, don’t worry. We’re here to help.  

Over the past several years, the marijuana scene has greatly changed. A lot of innovation is done because of the widespread acceptance and legalization. When it comes to ingesting cannabis, modern-day smokers have a lot of choices.  

If you’re confused, here are the differences between a joint, a spliff, and a blunt: 


The cigars of the marijuana world are blunts. They likely provide the strongest high out of all the other choices. This depends on the way they’re rolled. Rolling papers aren’t utilized in creating blunts, unlike joints and spliffs. They’re either rolled by hollowing out a cigar and utilizing the exterior layer to roll up the weed or with the use of unique blunt wraps made out of tobacco pulp. More innovative choices also include using processed and dried cannabis leaves as a wrap for the blunt.  

Because of the tobacco’s presence within a lot of blunt wraps, it adds the wanted high that a lot of consumers love. Oftentimes, blunts can be looked like an expensive way to smoke. They’re also great when it comes to unique events. Extremely high-quality cigars can be utilized to create a wrap for the blunt.  


Spliffs are extremely similar to joints. Also, they’ve got almost the same method when creating one. But, tobacco is one main ingredient that sets the two apart. A lot of consumers might be extremely unacquainted with this technique of smoking. They might even consider the tobacco addition as some type of stoner violation. However, typically, spliffs are the go-to technique of ingesting cannabis within Europe.  

Spliffs are created with the use of a huge range of papers. Typically, before rolling, weed is also crushed up to optimize smoothness, shape, and ease. They will then add tobacco to the spliff by either layering it into the spliff or mixing it into the crushed weed.  


Joints are probably the typical image of cannabis smoking. Oftentimes, they’re portrayed within music, art, and media together with the classical stereotype of a stoner. There are possibilities that you first got high off a joint while embedded within a woodland or local park or hiding in the gym locker room if you began smoking marijuana before the rise of edibles, dabs, and vapes.  

Oftentimes, joints are sold in shops as pre roll joints. Basically, they’re the marijuana version of a tobacco cigarette. It is extremely easy to create a joint. Rolling paper and cannabis flowers are the only ingredients required. Typically, the dried weed is crushed using an electronic grinder or handheld grinder to make the process of rolling a lot simpler.  

While blunts, joints, and spliffs have many resemblances, they certainly fit various situations. To make things simple, the choice will depend on your personal preferences and your lifestyle.